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Interior Of Marlon Brandos House

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One day Karl asked me to go with him and make some repairs on an antenna at a fellows home. Karl couldn't make the repairs because I made the repair to the antenna and we went inside to test things. I remember showing him how to tune his radios and Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone in "The Godfather." Paramount Pictures NEW YORK The current owner has even revamped some of the interior decor to resemble what the home looked like in the film. The asking price is $2.89 million. LOS ANGELES — It was the 1990s, the early days of reality television, and legendary actor Marlon Brando had an idea. Perhaps he was inspired by MTV’s The Real World, which premiered in 1992 and featured a house filled with cameras. Christopher Walken A house used as the home of Marlon Brando's Vito Corleone character in the Godfather has gone on sale for almost $ Its grounds were used for the 1972 movie's famous wedding scene, and interior shots of the crime dynasty eating meals and holding family A winding staircase and wrought iron balcony give the house a dose of old Hollywood glamour. The dining room looks out over the garden while the other rooms take in city views. There is a wine cellar, two-car garage and chauffeur’s quarters. Brando Marlon Brando died more than a decade ago Riley was able to construct Listen to Me Marlon as a film narrated by Brando. The result is unusually eerie — a trip inside the head of one of the most elusive and unusual stars in Hollywood history. .

Movie stars including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Marlon Brando make themselves from Gerrit Rietveld's Schröder House to the Haufmann House by Richard Neutra. Related story: Architect silhouettes pose inside iconic windows for Federico Imagine having the problems of Sophia Loren in the actress’ Swiss home, containing souvenirs and mementos collected throughout her life, the Guardian reports. She also relays the occasion she was forced to rebuke Marlon Brando for being too amorous. The first Marlon Brando movie I ever a racist colonialist with a conscience, Brando projected the clout that was dictated by his celebrity directly onto his roles. His acting became a study of power from the inside out. Hence Don Corleone in ''The Getty ImagesJames Caan, left, as Sonny and Marlon Brando in the title role of Don Vito in the wedding scene of "The Godfather." Make them an offer they can't refuse -- at least $2.895 million -- and you'll be the new owner of the Staten Island house that .

Amazing On the Waterfront Marlon Brando 2036 x 2582 · 962 kB · jpeg
Amazing On the Waterfront Marlon Brando

Remarkable On the Waterfront Marlon Brando 749 x 565 · 27 kB · jpeg
Remarkable On the Waterfront Marlon Brando

Great Bob Hope and Marlon Brando 700 x 705 · 63 kB · jpeg
Great Bob Hope and Marlon Brando

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Outstanding James Stewart 1938

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Top Marlon Brando Workout

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Impressive Marlon Brando

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Perfect Marlon Brando with Cat

Magnificent Marlon Brando testimonial Liu Jo 400 x 565 · 133 kB · jpeg
Magnificent Marlon Brando testimonial Liu Jo

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Fabulous Marlon Brando

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Stunning Marlon Brando Sayonara

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Incredible Marlon Brando 2003

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Excellent Marlon Brando

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Very Best Marlon Brando

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Brilliant Marlon Brando Napoleon

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Wonderful Marlon Brando


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